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1. Choose where to study...

Once we know what your study objectives, language needs and budget, we offer different options put forward through our extensive network of institutions represented. You select the best after evaluating pros and cons.

2. We process your course

Once you have finalized an institution, we handle the process of registration and enrolment at the institution.

3. Your Visa Processing

We advise you in collecting the necessary medical and general documents required for applying for your Australian study visa. Our rapport with the embassy staff ensure that you don’t face any hassle and the whole process to obtain your student visa goes on smoothly.

4. Choose your flight and choose to live...

  • The cheapest way to travel to Australia from the Americas is through Los Angeles. If you do not have the American visa, we make available other convenient routes through Brazil, Chile or other countries. We have agreements with airlines and you can avail discounts on your tickets.
  • Once you are prepared to land in Australia, we help you find available housing options according to your preference and budget.

5. Prepare for your experience

Our experts help you plan everything prior to planning your trip and travelling to Australia. We manage your health insurance, give instructions on documents to carry, apprise you about customs regulations and make available at your disposal all information that assure you a hassle-free travel experience.

6. Coming to Australia

We receive you at the airport and help you subside the anxiety of living in an unknown country. Do not worry for anything. We are waiting at the airport to talk to you in your language.

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